Always forget your password?

With SpeedyPassword, the completely free password manager, all you need to remember is your Master Password. SpeedyPassword securely remembers all of your online account logins and passwords and logs you in automatically!  Learn More


Password security concerns?

Cybercriminals can easily access the financial and personal info on your devices just by guessing or stealing one password. Let SpeedyPassword import, save, create, and manage unique passwords for all of your accounts to improve the security of your computer and Android mobile devices. Learn More


Too many online accounts?

Let SpeedyPassword remember and secure your Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networking passwords. You can even navigate all your accounts at once from the SpeedyPassword social dashboard. You can easily stay social while SpeedyPassword provides hassle-free password management for all of your devices.  Learn More



 Lock up your accounts

SpeedyPassword locks up your online accounts and you have the only key. In fact, we don’t even know what your passwords are! In seconds, SpeedyPassword sets you up with a Master Password to store and secure all of your passwords – for online banking, social networking, online shopping, and other accounts. With cryptographic hashing and secure SSL transmissions, no one can ever read or access your passwords without the Master Password – us included. But if you forget your Master Password, don’t worry – your passwords are further encrypted with a Recovery Image that only you can use to recover your account.

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Maximum Security

SpeedyPassword utilizes military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and cryptographic hashing for your passwords and login data. This is the standard preferred by banks and other institutions that insist on maximum security.  This means that your passwords are safely scrambled and then stored in a vault that no one else can access.  This vault is located on your computer – not on our servers. Even if our website was somehow compromised, your data would remain secure and untouched. This is the level of protection that discerning security users and professionals demand, and we’re here to deliver!

Generate Secure Passwords

As well as being a premium password manager, SpeedyPassword has a highly effective password generator.  Instead of trying to come up with strong and unique passwords by yourself, SpeedyPassword can take care of it.  Using a random combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, SpeedyPassword instantly creates unique passwords.  Passwords generated with SpeedyPassword have a high level of entropy, which keeps cyber criminals from guessing or cracking your passwords with hacking tools and modern crimeware. The best part – SpeedyPassword log you in automatically, so you won’t have to remember every single unique password.

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