Spotify Hack

Security Alert: Was Spotify Hacked?

Before you start reading this, you may want to go ahead and change your Spotify password. After the recent Spotify hack… Well, the music streaming giant has denied a recent …read more

Public Wi-Fi safe to use

Is Public Wi-Fi Safe to Use?

It’s easy to access public Wi-Fi when you’re running errands, if you’re low on data or don’t have a data connection at all. Even so, this doesn’t mean you should …read more

Worst Passwords to Avoid in 2016 Main Image

The Newest Worst Passwords to Avoid in 2016

Another year, another 365 days of bad passwords.

SplashData released its fifth annual “Worst Passwords List” last month to feature the weakest password habits of 2015. Many poor choices returned to …read more

Email password security Google Gmail - SpeedyPassword

Is Your Email Password the Weak Link?

Google, the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan recently released a research report on the state of email security in 2015. The key findings showed that email is, …read more

social login buttons

Security Alert: Is Social Login Safe?

If you’re like most Facebook and Google users, you’ve likely encountered more than a few new websites that offer “social login.” Social login is attractive because you can essentially sign up for new accounts …read more

dropbox password

Security Alert: Hackers Steal 7 Million Dropbox Passwords

Popular Web-based file-hosting and sharing service Dropbox recently fell victim to a major security breach.  Cybercriminals stole Dropbox passwords and login details from some 7 million users. The hackers reportedly threatened to release the Dropbox passwords …read more

Improve Your Online Security

Maybe your online security wasn’t affected by the Target, JPMorgan or Sony hacks, but this doesn’t mean that you have nothing to worry about. The reality is that there will always be another great …read more

How to Improve Your Password Security

The current rise of digital culture necessitates increased awareness about cybersecurity; it is better to actively protect yourself, than find yourself needing to pick up the pieces after a cyber attack. The average person …read more

What To Do About the Latest Security Breaches?

Target, Kickstarter, Comcast, Bell and many other companies have suffered security breaches. In fact, your account is …read more

Sharing: Passwords and Public Profiles

Growing up, that was pretty sound advice. However, in today’s online world, sharing could get you into a lot of trouble!  Sharing your online passwords …read more

Master Password Strength 101


Do You Have Too Many Logins?

We go online to do almost everything …read more

Forget Your Password a Lot?

You are definitely not alone! According to a recent study, 38 per cent of adults think it would be easier …read more

Getting 100% Unique Passwords is Easy

A Harris Interactive Study shows that 38 per …read more



What’s In a Username?

Whether you’re setting up an online banking account or dipping your toes into a new social media site, you’re going to need a username. Your username will be part of the login process, and …read more

Is Using a Password Manager Safe?

Password managers are widely recognized as the best way to keep your accounts safe.  We at SpeedyPassword still get the occasional email from users who are concerned that storing all passwords in one place …read more

Password Management for Students

Password Management for Business

Stolen passwords or hacked accounts can harm your business and reputation. Password …read more

Top 10 Password Tips

Tips to remember your Master Password