Analog vs. Digital Password Management

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Save Time

Some people write down all of their passwords for Facebook, banking, Twitter, Amazon, and other online accounts. This is often done on sticky notes that are then plastered all over their computer or maybe left on their computer desk. When a password is needed, they have to look through all of the sticky notes to find them. If you have password for all of your online accounts, that is a lot of yellow paper!

Using a password manager makes it faster to find and use your online passwords and usernames. When you go to a site you are logged in automatically. You do not have to search through sticky notes or pieces of paper! This saves a lot of time and effort.

Reset Passwords Faster

It is quite common to hear about data breaches where users need to change their passwords, such as on Yahoo or when the Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered. When you need to change your passwords fast to protect your accounts, analog methods can be frustrating. You need to look through everything to track down your username and passwords and then go to the account and change them.

With a password manager, you just go to the account and have it log you in automatically. Then you can change your password and with a click or two it will remember it.

Sometimes after people have changed their password and written it down on a new sticky note, they forget to toss out the old one. Then when they are searching for their account password, they find the old one first – and it doesn’t work. That is very frustrating. With a password manager, you just change your password and it will automatically log you in using the new credentials.

Increased Security

If you have your passwords on sticky notes on your computer or memo pads on your desk, someone who has access to your area can access these. They could log into your accounts and purchase things or, in the case of social media, hurt your reputation.
With a password manager, all of your passwords are encrypted, so no one will be able to steal them.


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