Forget Your Password a Lot?

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You are definitely not alone! According to a recent study, 38 per cent of adults think it would be easier to solve world peace than to remember all of their passwords. In the same 2012 Online Registration and Password study, conducted by Harris Interactive, 37 per cent of American adult computer users, nearly two in five people, have had to ask for help on their user name or password for at least one website per month.

Pain of Forgetting Your Password

Passwords are like a lock for our digital lives. They allow us into banking, shopping, and social networking sites, and keep out identity thieves, hackers, cyber criminals and other people up to no good. However, forgetting your password means that you are locked out!

To combat this, many people resort to using just one password. Ofcom’s “Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report 2013” reports that 55 per cent of surveyed United Kingdom adult computer users used the same password for the majority, if not all, if their online accounts.

In order to not forget their passwords, computer users might choose something very basic. Lists of the worst passwords are published every so often. Thy almost always include the usual suspects: password, 123456, abc123, qwerty, 12345678, letmein, iloveyou … While these passwords are all easy to remember, they would not take long for a hacker to crack.

It is no wonder you forget passwords – you need so many. According to the 2012 Online Registration and Password study, 30 per cent have 10 or more passwords they need to remember. There are often passwords that you use on an almost daily basis, such as your online email account, baking site, Facebook, Twitter, and others. However, others like certain shopping sites, are not needed often and can easily be forgotten.

Most sites do allow you to reset your password by using links, hints or other options. If someone has access to your email account, such as on a shared computer, they can easily change your password. This gains them access to your account and can lock you out.

SpeedyPassword: Remember Just One Password

For people who find that they have trouble remembering their passwords, SpeedyPassword is a godsend. This easy-to-use software encrypts and stores all of your user name and passwords for banking, shopping, Facebook, Twitter, and other online sites. All you have to remember is your Master Password. That’s right, just one password!

With your Master Password, SpeedyPassword automatically logs you into your accounts. That means no more staring at the screen trying to recall your password! It really couldn’t’t be easier.

SpeedyPassword: Protect Your Passwords

While you just have to remember one Master Password, SpeedyPassword ensures that your online accounts are protected better than ever. With you just needing to recall the one Master Password, it is possible to have unique, hard-to-crack passwords for all of your accounts. This makes it very tough for hackers and cyber criminals to try access your accounts and valuable information.

SpeedyPassword can help you secure your accounts with its password generator. It creates long, unique passwords for each account. These passwords include a mix of numbers, case sensitive letter, and symbols.

As well, SpeedyPassword uses a variety of defenses and high-tech techniques to keep your passwords safe. We actually don’t even know what they are! Using your Master Password, your passwords are encrypted. Any info sent to us is encrypted and transmitted using secure SSL connections.

Forgetting your password can be a major pain. SpeedyPassword takes away the hassle of trying to come up with unique, secure passwords for all of your accounts and to remember all of them.


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