SpeedyPassword 2.5: New Features, Same Great Password Protection

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SpeedyPassword has helped thousands of users improve their security and lock down their online accounts since it was released last year.  We at SpeedyPassword are happy to introduce a new version of the free password manager and generator.  This update will make managing online accounts easier than ever!

SpeedyPassword Homepage

The new and improved SpeedyPassword Homepage now includes links to four category pages: Favorites, Social, Feeds, and Passwords.

SpeedyPassword homepage

This page includes quick links to the pages that you access on a regular basis.  All you have to do is click on the link, and it will open the webpage in a new tab.

This feature enables you to receive social updates from Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Once you add your social media sites to the SpeedyPassword Social page, you receive updates from multiple social media accounts all on a single page.

Feeds allows you to receive updates on your Homepage from your favorite websites. This includes blogs, news or weather forecasts.  Choose from the sites listed, like Financial Times, Vogue and ESPN.  Don’t see your favorite blog on the list?  You can add it! You can also filter by category, so the articles that appear on your Feeds page are relevant to topics that you are interested in.

The Passwords page provides quick links for all of the websites that you access with SpeedyPassword.  From your Homepage, all you have to do is click Passwords, find the account that you want to sign into, and click on it.  SpeedyPassword will auto-log you in to the account in a new tab.  This is a great way to avoid keylogger malware that can record the keystrokes on your keyboard to steal passwords.

Import Passwords

SpeedyPassword has always been able to import passwords saved in your browser.  Now it’s capable of importing passwords stored on your computer in CSV files, and from other password managers like LastPass or Dashlane.  When you click on the SpeedyPassword icon in your browser, select Settings, click Import, and a page opens in a new tab.  Detailed instructions will tell you how to import passwords from each of those sources.  Hassle-free importing can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Time Saved Rewards

Not only does SpeedyPassword make password management secure and convenient, it now calculates how many minutes you save signing in to online accounts.  Once you have signed in with SpeedyPassword a number of times, it displays a quick notification called Time Saved Rewards. This shows you the number of minutes saved, compared to the time it takes to sign in to every account individually.

SpeedyPassword is committed to providing users with password protection software that is convenient and easy-to-use.  Download SpeedyPassword for free and give the new features a try.


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