Password Management for Business

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Stolen passwords or hacked accounts can harm your business and reputation. Password management is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Proper account management, password generation, and protection will protect your business.

SpeedyPassword provides a free password manager for businesses. With its ease of use, secure password generator, and advanced security features, it helps businesses protect their passwords and ensure that their data remains protected.

Protect Business Accounts

In today’s business world, there are numerous online accounts that are accessed with a username and password.

  • Payment processor passwords
  • Credit card passwords
  • Banking passwords
  • Online shopping passwords
  • WordPress blog passwords
  • Facebook passwords
  • Twitter passwords
  • And many more

These passwords protect the accounts that you need for your business to operate; SpeedyPassword can manage all of these passwords for free.


Easy-to-Use Business Password Management

SpeedyPassword can easily be installed on each of your business’ computers, so you do not need to worry about the hassle of installing complicated enterprise software.

SpeedyPassword will provide tips and hints on how you can improve your password security and includes an easy-to-use password generator to help you generate random passwords to secure your accounts for free.

Best of all, using advanced technology, SpeedyPassword recalls all of your usernames and passwords. It securely logs you in to banking, online shopping, blog, and social networking websites. This means that you no longer have to remember your account passwords.


Secure Your Business Accounts – And Yourself!

If someone hacked your business’ banking, credit card or other online payment accounts, it could severely hurt your bottom line. As well, if someone accessed your social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, they could post messages that would damage the reputation you worked so hard to build. Strong passwords protect your online accounts against hackers and password theft.

As businesses require many online accounts, some people resort to using one password for everything. While that makes it easier, if your single password is compromised, you may jeopardize every other account that uses the same credentials.

With SpeedyPassword, you can create separate unique, secure passwords for all of your accounts. Using SpeedyPassword’s secure password generator, you can easily generate random passwords for all of your accounts. As these passwords do not contain any personal information, they will help thwart would-be hackers that might have obtained your personal information. In addition, because you are not entering in your password, SpeedyPassword helps defeat keyloggers and other spyware.

SpeedyPassword makes it easier to ensure that your business passwords are different from the passwords for your personal accounts. This protects not only your business, but also yourself.


Your Information is Safe

The SpeedyPassword Team prides itself on the effort that went in to making this software secure. We have employed proven industry standard defenses and innovative ideas to protect your information. The SpeedyPassword Team doesn’t know your passwords – even your Master Password. Due to a process known as hashing, your Master Password is never sent to us. All communication between your computer and the SpeedyPassword servers is done through secure SSL connections and encryption.

Your Master Password is the key to your SpeedyPassword account – it is used to encrypt all of your other passwords. If you happen to forget your Master Password, your account can only be recovered by using a Recovery Image you have previously uploaded. This is yet another way that SpeedyPassword protects you and your business.


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