Real World: ‘My IT person discourages using a password manager’

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SpeedyPassword: The Safe Way to Manage Passwords

We understand this IT professional’s concerns about passwords being compromised. The theft or hack of your passwords could lead to a loss of important company data, identity theft, spam, or your bank account being accessed. Protecting your passwords is important!

That is why we recommend SpeedyPassword. It remembers your passwords and automatically logs you into all of your accounts. As it inputs your account credentials, this info cannot be stolen by software like key loggers.

What about password managers being compromised liked the IT guy suggested? The SpeedyPassword team has gone above and beyond to ensure that your passwords and data are protected. We have used proven, industry standard technology as well as some innovative methods to secure your information.

This includes:

  • SpeedyPassword never receiving your passwords – even your Master Password!
  • Encrypting all information sent to SpeedyPassword servers using AES-256, the encryption standard for banks, government and the military.
  • Using secure SSL connection to send all data.
  • Utilizing highly-secure data centres.

For more details about how SpeedyPassword protects your data, check out our Security Whitepaper.


Protect Your Passwords

Our real world IT guy suggested it is best to protect passwords “the old fashioned way.” He recommended listing the passwords on a piece of paper and storing it in a safe place. While this is not awful advice, most people usually store their list of account passwords where they need it – near their computer! You likely have seen people with monitors covered in sticky notes with the passwords for their various accounts. Someone could easily copy these down and use them.

If you wish to have a list of passwords, we recommend you store it in a safe. Some people recommend storing it with your legal will. If something happens, a responsible person could deactivate your accounts.

As for remembering and using your passwords on a daily basis, a password manager, like SpeedyPassword, can really help. It remembers all of your passwords so that you don’t have to. That means you don’t need a password list next to your machine.


Making a Secure Password

In order to help remember passwords, people use all kinds of tricks. For example, this IT person suggested using the same starter word for each account and changing the ending depending on the purpose. So, if “qwerty” was your starter word, and you were making a password for your online banking account, it would be something like “qwerty23bank”. Following this advice, you would use something like “qwerty23twitter” for Twitter.

This is certainly easy to remember. The problem is it plays right into the hands of hackers and cybercriminals. By guessing at your pattern, someone could easily hack into all of your accounts.

It is better to have a unique, secure password for each of your online accounts. It can be hard to come up with different passwords for every account. SpeedyPassword makes it easy with its online password generator. This password generator creates passwords using a combination of numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters. This creates a complicated password that is hard to crack.

This can be difficult to recall, but with SpeedyPassword you don’t have to worry about it! This password manager remembers all of your passwords and automatically logs you into your accounts. It makes dealing with passwords in the real world a snap!


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