Password Management for Forgetful People

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Do you often forget your password or username? Who can remember all of these passwords?

SpeedyPassword, a free program, makes forgetting your passwords a thing of the past. SpeedyPassword remembers all of your passwords so you don’t have to!


Just One Password to Remember

With SpeedyPassword, you don’t have to recall a bunch of random passwords. With this free password manager, all you need to remember is your Master Password. This single Master Password is used to encrypt all of your other passwords. SpeedyPassword automatically logs you in to all of your online accounts by securely remembering all of your usernames and passwords.

With SpeedyPassword, you’ll no longer have to remember your account credentials for websites like:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Online shopping
  • Blogs
  • Banking

SpeedyPassword safely remembers all of these for you!


Online Password Generator Creates Secure Passwords

If you are forgetful, you might rely on familiar, easy-to-remember words for passwords. However, the name of your dog or child are easy passwords for cybercriminals and hackers to figure out by using social media against you. Or maybe you use the same password for every online account so that you don’t forget it! While this definitely makes things a lot easier, this password method could cause all of your online accounts to be compromised. Using SpeedyPassword, you can create unique passwords for all of your accounts and then automatically log in thereafter.

SpeedyPassword features an online password generator. This feature lets you set the specifications to create a secure password. The password generator uses numbers, symbols, and upper and lowercase letters to create a tough-to-crack password. It avoids dictionary words and leetspeak to make it hard for hackers to break in to your account. You can then apply these new secure passwords to your accounts to protect yourself with SpeedyPassword!


Keep Your Passwords Safe

If you are forgetful, you may write down your passwords and keep them near your computer. If someone accesses your home or workspace, they could easily gain access to your bank account, favourite shopping sites, and more. With SpeedyPassword, you don’t have to write your passwords down on sticky notes! This password manager remembers all of them and automatically logs you in. You just have to remember your Master Password.

SpeedyPassword keeps your data safe in many ways. The Master Password is used to encrypt all of your passwords. It is so important that it is never sent to SpeedyPassword. If you happen to forget your Master Password, you can utilize the innovative Recovery Image feature to recover it. As well, SpeedyPassword uses such technology as hashing, encryption of all data, and SSL to protect your information.

With SpeedyPassword, you don’t have to worry about remembering all of your passwords. Now, if we could only help you find your car keys.


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