Password Management for Students

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However, passwords can often be challenging for students because:

  • It is hard to remember passwords for all of your online accounts.
  • It is frustrating to come up with new, unique passwords.
  • Some accounts, like certain ones for online shopping, you don’t use often.
  • Concerns about people hacking your passwords.
  • Other worries about security risks or malware stealing your passwords.

SpeedyPassword can help students with their password problems. This free, secure, and easy-to-use program tackles all the issues mentioned above.


The Free, Easy Way to Manage Passwords

As a student, you have a lot going on. You have class, exams, assignments, group projects, internships, work, sports, clubs, music … there is not a lot of space for worrying about passwords. However, it is important to consider password protection. If your passwords get hacked or stolen, people could hurt you financially, commit identity theft, or hurt your reputation with inappropriate social media posts.
SpeedyPassword helps by:

  • Encrypting and remembering all of your passwords
  • Automatically logging you in to defeat keyloggers
  • Providing a secure password generator so that you can create unique passwords for each account
  • Providing tips and hints on password security
  • Using advanced security methods to protect your passwords

Save your pocket change with SpeedyPassword!


Only One Password to Remember

We understand – your head is full of physics, history, calculus, and other important stuff. You don’t have room to stuff 20 passwords in there! Fortunately, you can let SpeedyPassword remember your passwords and automatically log you in.

All you have to remember is the Master Password! This is the key to your digital kingdom. Your Master Password is used to encrypt all of your other passwords and secure your accounts.


How Secure is my Password?

Have you ever wondered how safe your passwords are? It can be challenging to create unique, secure passwords for all of our online accounts. Sometimes we go with mom’s name, qwerty or Brian, the dog from the Family Guy because they‘re just easier to remember. Some people end up using the same password for almost every account. However, if someone guesses or hacks one of your passwords, all of your accounts can be compromised.
Not only does SpeedyPassword remember your passwords, it helps you create random passwords. Its online password generator uses combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to generate random passwords. You set the specifications for password generation and SpeedyPassword will let you know how secure it is – SpeedyPassword will even give you hints about your account security to make sure you’re protected!


Free Password Manager

As a student, you might not have a lot of cash. SpeedyPassword is a free program that performs like expensive software, and makes handling passwords a snap. Now you can just concentrate on your midterms.


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