What To Do About the Latest Security Breaches?

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Target, Kickstarter, Comcast, Bell and many other companies have suffered security breaches. In fact, your account is likely among those stolen in the world’s biggest data breaches. Due to these attacks, customer information has fallen into the hands of hackers and cybercriminals. According to Javelin Strategy and Research, one-third of people affected by security breaches become victims of identity theft. This is up from just three years ago when security breach victims only had a 10 per cent chance of having identity theft perpetrated against them.


Password Stolen?

Whenever you hear of a security breach, it is recommended that you change your passwords for those accounts as soon as possible! This is usually easily done by logging into your account and looking for “account”, “account options”, “settings” or “profile” depending on the website.

Changing online passwords can take some time and effort. An easy way to manage your accounts is by using SpeedyPassword. This free password manager generates and remembers strong passwords to protect your accounts. It makes changing passwords due to security breaches easy.

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Recent Security Breaches

Check out some of the latest security breaches that might have put your accounts at risk:

Comcast: The United States’ largest Internet and cable provider had at least 34 of its servers hacked by NullCrew FTS. This breach included access to email address and other data. If you have any services with Comcast, even if you don’t have their Xfinity email service, it is recommended you change your password for that account. The attacks occurred in December of 2013 and early this year.

Kickstarter: The crowd funding website announced Feb. 17 that user names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords were accessed. Although the passwords were encrypted, Kickstarter recommended that users change their password, and other sites where they use the same password.

Forbes: Long trusted for its business information, the Forbes website was comprised recently, with the Syrian Electronic Army taking credit for the attack. On Feb. 14, Forbes acknowledged the hack on its Facebook page and said that any users registered with the site should change their passwords. The passwords compromised in the attack were encrypted. SEA posted a table with more than 16,000 names.

Bell Canada: Canada’s largest communications company said in early February that account information of 22,400 small business customers was compromised. This included both usernames and passwords. These were posted online with the Nullcrew claiming responsibility. Five valid credit cards were reportedly included.

Protect Your Accounts
SpeedyPassword securely remembers all of your passwords and logs you into your accounts. As you don’t have to type in passwords, it defeats keyloggers. In addition, it means you can use long, strong password because you don’t have to remember them.

With its online password generator, SpeedyPassword produces secure passwords to harden your accounts’ defenses. You set the parameters. SpeedyPassword creates a hard-to-crack password using a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Security breaches need to be taken seriously. Changing your passwords when you hear of security breaches and having secure passwords in the first place are important ways to protect yourself and your accounts.


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