The Essential Guide to Sharing Your Netflix Password (and Account)

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The Essential Guide to Sharing Your Netflix Password (and Account)

It’s not an uncommon thing to share the credentials of your Netflix account. Friends, family, significant others and even that overly friendly neighbor can enjoy the benefits of your subscription. But what is Netflix’s take on account sharing and how can you be at risk from sharing your Netflix password?

Technically, it’s illegal to share your Netflix password. As a violation of the company’s terms of service, sharing your password gives Netflix legal grounds to sue. Even though this is illegal, don’t fret. Netflix has bigger things to do. Plus, the CEO of Netflix described account sharing as “a positive thing” and loves people who are sharing Netflix.

So, if you’re cool with sharing your Netflix account and Netflix is also supporting this practice, you don’t have to worry about a thing – except catching the next episode of your favorite show, right? Well, don’t hit play just quite yet… There are some measures you must take to keep your account and Netflix password secure:

Only share your Netflix password with a select few

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones you can share your Netflix password with and the ones you can’t (and shouldn’t). Use your common sense; don’t share it with that Facebook friend you met back in college, the pizza delivery guy or your co-worker’s uncle. Your newly acquired significant other is a bit more of a grey zone – basically, it depends on trust. Only share your Netflix password with those you trust, but if there’s no going back, you can always reset your password.

Netflix password reset your password

Solution: Netflix recommends that you change your password periodically to keep your account secure. However, changing your password on a regular basis comes with pros and cons, so we recommend that you start with a secure password and only change it if you’re sure that your account is at risk or if you know someone is using your account without your permission.

Know how many devices your account can handle

You’ve seen messages like “your Netflix account is in use on too many devices.” If there are too many people using an account at once, you will not be able to stream the TV service yourself.

Solution: Your Netflix Plan controls how many simultaneous streams your account can run at once. Accounts either allow one, two or four users, and yes, they’re priced accordingly. Know which plan you have and keep in mind how many simultaneous users you’re allowed before you share your account.

What to do when your Netflix account is overused

Did you really watch that rom-com or the newest Netflix original? Perhaps you’ve seen the message “too many people are using your account right now.”

Solution: Check your recent streaming activity to monitor the devices on which your account is in use. Make sure you recognize all the devices, and that no one else is using your account before trying to stream again. If something looks unexpected, sign out of all devices that are connected to your account. This deactivation process can take up to 8 hours. You should also go ahead and change your Netflix password to control the access to your account.

Netflix password sharing

Be the expert of your online streaming and if you’re tired of Netflix try another streaming service. Stream multiple shows inside your home, share your password, enjoy the benefits of sharing and don’t worry about getting in trouble with Netflix.

Now it’s your turn to decide if you think sharing your monthly subscription is the 21st century’s version of caring!

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