How to Work Smarter and Faster With a Password Manager

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Remembering passwords for all of your business and personal accounts can take a lot of time. It can be frustrating to guess at your passwords through trial and error. Resetting your passwords because you can’t remember them takes you away from more important things. Of course, if a hacker or cybercriminal gets into your account, it costs you time and money.

SpeedyPassword, a free password manager and generator, helps you work smarter and faster with passwords. It has all of the tools and features needed to remove password frustration and save you time and effort.

Work smarter and faster with a password manager:

Use a single Master Password: With SpeedyPassword, you only have to remember a Master Password. With it, SpeedyPassword will look after all of your other accounts. You don’t have to waste effort trying to recall a bunch of passwords for sites you rarely use.

Automatically logs you in: SpeedyPassword remembers all of your passwords and account credentials. It automatically logs you in to your banking, business, email, Facebook, and other online accounts. This saves you a lot of time.

Generate unique passwords: It can be very hard and time consuming to come up with strong, unique passwords for every account. SpeedyPassword’s password generator can easily create different, strong passwords for each online account. In just a couple clicks you can make tough-to-crack passwords. This saves you time and improves your account security.

Change passwords easily: When major websites, such as Yahoo, Zappos, and others, suffer data breaches, users are encouraged to change their passwords. This can take time, especially if the breach affected several sites. With SpeedyPassword, you can easily reset passwords. It is also a good idea to change passwords on a regular basis to keep hackers guessing.

Passwords are encrypted: It is important to be smart about security. As well, as saving you time, SpeedyPassword also improves your online account security. Some people have their Internet browser save their passwords. Unfortunately, these passwords are not stored securely. They can be stolen. SpeedyPassword uses military-grade encryption, as well as other security methods, to protect your data.

Encourages stronger passwords: SpeedyPassword remembers all of your passwords for you. You do not have to try to recall long, complicated passwords. This means that you can use harder-to-break passwords that protect your accounts better.

Dealing with passwords can be frustrating and time consuming. By using a free password manager like SpeedyPassword, you can save time and effort while making your accounts more secure.


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