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In 2012, 26 per cent of UK adult computers users, according to an Ofcom survey, said their computer had been infected with a virus, while 26 per cent reported receiving phishing emails. More than half of those surveyed received spam emails, which could contain malicious links, dangerous downloads and be a gateway to phishing schemes. These cybercriminals are often looking for your online account login credentials and passwords. In addition, there are people with access to your computer who could take advantage of you for identity theft and other fraud attempts.

Your passwords serve as an important line of defense! While being a free, easy-to-use password manager, SpeedyPassword uses advanced technology to do everything it can to protect your passwords and your accounts.


How SpeedyPassword Works with Passwords

SpeedyPassword can manage all of your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, banking, credit card and shopping accounts and passwords. It remembers your passwords and auto logs you into your favourite websites. This means that you:

  1. Can use more secure passwords because you don’t have to remember them.
  2. Don’t have to worry about keyloggers as you won’t be typing in a password.
  3. Won’t fall into the trap of using just one password or easy-to-crack passwords.
  4. Can fill your brain with things other than passwords.

SpeedyPassword’s Password Generator helps you create long, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Our technology means that you don’t have to scratch your head coming up with yet another password! SpeedyPassword also alerts you if your password is weak.


All passwords in one place is not safe right?

So, if we have all of your passwords, that must mean it’d be easy to crack your accounts, right? No! While this is a smart question, thanks to SpeedyPassword’s advanced technology, your passwords are locked up and safe. We don’t even know your passwords!

For a more detailed look at the technical aspects of SpeedyPassword, we invite you to check out our How it Works section. Below is a basic look at some of the security measures SpeedyPassword takes with your passwords.


SpeedyPassword uses Encryption and SSL

SpeedyPassword goes out of its way to protect your passwords. One way it does so is using security measures such as SSL and HTTPS. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It basically creates a connection where no one else can “listen” in on the data being transmitted. HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This uses the HTTP protocols plus SSL. You can see that HTTPS is being used by SpeedyPassword, banking sites, and others by checking the text in the URL. As well, a padlock icon should appear to indicate that the site is secure.

SpeedyPassword doesn’t even see or know your passwords. How is this possible? The simple answer is through encryption. SpeedyPassword encrypts your passwords before they are transferred. Yes, we have some information, but it is in like what amounts to be a foreign language that we will never find a translator for. SpeedyPassword encrypts your passwords using AES-256. The Advanced Encryption Standard is the trusted encryption algorithm used by the U.S. government, banks around the world, and the military. The number 256 indicates that a key size of 256 bits is used to encrypt your passwords. Without doing university-level math, this means that it would be very hard to decode your passwords. In fact, in theory, it would take 50 supercomputers checking a billion billion AES keys per second 3×1051 years to check everything!


What does my Master Password do?

Your Master Password is used to encrypt the passwords for your online shopping, credit card, banking, and social networking sites. It is the only password that you need to remember! We never see your Master Password. The free SpeedyPassword password manager creates two values, called hashes, for the Master Password. The first value is used by SpeedyPassword to encrypt all of your passwords. The second one is sent to us. Another hash or value is created for it and kept to do what SpeedyPassword needs.

What happens if you forget your Master Password? In the process of downloading and installing free SpeedyPassword, you have the option of uploading a Recovery Image. Rather than using potentially insecure methods like reset links and security questions, SpeedyPassword lets you upload the exact same Recovery Image to recover your account. We strongly recommend that you back up this Recovery Image somewhere.


SpeedyPassword: Protects Your Passwords and Accounts

SpeedyPassword is the free, easy-to-use password manager that helps you secure your accounts. Underneath its pretty surface is serious technology that keeps your passwords safe.


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