SpeedyPassword’s New Android App Provides Advanced Multi-Device Password Manager Protection

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SpeedyPassword for Android is the latest development for the premium password manager and password generator – SpeedyPassword is now compatible across all PC desktop and Android devices.


SpeedyPassword is a password manager that gives computer users – and now Android device owners – a completely free, highly secure way to manage and protect passwords for online accounts. SpeedyPassword for Android makes it safe and easy to use password-protected mobile apps without endangering personal and financial information. Just as SpeedyPassword protects your PC in seamless integration with all popular web browsers using a Master Password, that same Master Password will now also protect your mobile accounts. As always, this premium password manager (including a new username and password generator tool) is available as a completely free download via the SpeedyPassword website and, now, the Google Play store.

SpeedyPassword’s exciting expansion into Android password protection is a direct response to the increasingly integrated way people use mobile devices in their daily lives. Eighty-one percent of all smartphones sold last year were Android devices – and Google now estimates there are more than one billion active Android users worldwide.

“Smartphones and tablets play an increasingly central role in the management of our personal and financial transactions,” said Gary Theobald, Director of Business Operations at SpeedyPassword, “Online users require more passwords than ever, but existing mobile password practices are not secure enough to protect sensitive online accounts – especially on portable mobile devices. SpeedyPassword for Android takes the headache out of managing multiple passwords while making security a top priority.”

SpeedyPassword for desktop and Android uses encryption technology preferred by military and financial institutions to ward off hackers, keyloggers and cybercriminals. The program is designed for all users, with an easy setup and eye-catching interface. It will securely store and remember passwords for online shopping and banking accounts, website programs and profiles, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users only have to remember one Master Password, which is unique and known only to them – SpeedyPassword does not store or remember any password information. To further safeguard the account, SpeedyPassword uniquely offers a Recovery Image that is set by the user in case of forgotten or lost Master Passwords. “We continue to put the protection of our users’ data at the forefront of our initiatives,” added Mr. Theobald, “Our standards must meet – or exceed – those of the military, banks and high-security institutions.”

SpeedyPassword can be downloaded for free via the Google Play store or at http://www.speedypassword.com.

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About SpeedyPassword:

We believe in password protection – for all. The SpeedyPassword team is focused on making high-quality, password protection software for PC and Android devices. Our aim is to serve users of all abilities around the world with accessible, easy-to-use and cutting-edge software.

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