Worried About the Strength of Your Passwords?

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strength of your passwords

Have you been thinking about the strength of your passwords? Do you ever wonder if your accounts are really being protected?

It goes without saying that any password that contains personal information, common words, or a lack of variation can be an easy target for brute force attacks and pose a significant security risk. Sure, you’ve probably heard it before: your password needs to be long, not a dictionary word, and contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

We understand that it can be tough to create a good password that meets all of those requirements, but the strength of your passwords is becoming more and more important. In the light of security breacheshacked domains, and an increase in cybercrime, a lot of users are scratching their heads and asking themselves the same question: “How secure is my password, and what can I do to protect my account?”

Test the Strength of Your Passwords

You’re in luck. You can test your password strength by using our free password strength checker tool! If your password doesn’t pass muster on the old Password Meter, you should seriously think about changing it to something much more secure. 

Need a New Password?

Don’t worry, SpeedyPassword has you covered!

If you haven’t already, you can use our unique password generator to create a strong password that follows the password best-practice guidelines mentioned above. You can adjust the generator settings based on your preferences or site requirements. 

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