Supercharge Your Android Security in 6 Easy Steps

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Android Security - Supercharge in 6 steps

Guess what we were most excited about in October?

Cyber Security Awareness Month!

If you didn’t see that answer coming, then this initiative is worth your attention. The month-long event is a global collaboration between industry and government that educates Internet users about how to stay safe online.

Why you need to be thinking about your Android security

When most people think “online,” they think computers. That’s why we want to raise awareness about your mobile cyber security, and what you can do to stay safe when using your apps, posting social updates, surfing mobile websites and downloading music, games and more.

As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Canadian government’s Get Cyber Safe initiative talks about mobile safety. As they point out in this great video, mobiles are “little computers that fit in your pocket. Oh, and they’re also phones.” To us, that means treating your Android’s security as seriously as you treat your PC’s protection from theft, cybercriminals, viruses and other threats.

Android security – Our six-step supercharge plan

As the Get Cyber Safe video points out, there are some very easy ways to help avoid Android anxiety. We’d like to also add our thoughts on the following six steps to better mobile security:

  1. Lock your phone: This means having a strong password or pattern to protect access to your mobile. Use the auto-lock function so that it locks automatically once you stop using it. Get in the habit too of locking it manually when you put it down on a table or in your bag.
  1. Practice safe downloading: At this point, it’s safest to only download apps from the Google Play store. Only download apps from brands you trust, and be cautious about what information they require from you. Having a password manager to protect the app login is an extra security measure against those auto-login features that could open up your bank account, for instance, to anyone who clicks on the app.
  1. Be a picky clicky… er, clicker: You’ll most often hear this advice for assessing the links in your emails. It’s even more important on your Android because the screen is so small! If you’re in a hurry, on the go and the link you’ve been sent isn’t immediately recognizable – it might be best to wait until you have more time to review if it’s safe to click.Android Security tips
  1. Watch your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections: Get Cyber Safe recommends turning off your Bluetooth connection when you’re not using it, or when you’re in a public place. It’s a weak spot that cyber criminals can exploit – and so are open Wi-Fi networks, or public ones that have a commonly-shared password.
  1. Be an obsessive updater: Security updates sent to you by your service provider are not optional. Period.
  1. Protect those passwords: If your mobile accounts are protected with tough passwords, then you’ll be the one giving cyber criminals anxiety! Protect your apps from both physical peeping toms and remote hackers with a password manager that encrypts and blocks unauthorized access to your banking apps, social media accounts, online shopping apps and more.

And the best part about October? Once you’ve supercharged your Android security, you can reward yourself with some delicious Halloween candy! (We won’t tell.)

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