Tips to remember your Master Password

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That is why it is very important to remember your Master Password. Check out the tips below for help with remembering your Master Password.

Pick One You Can Remember: It seems obvious, but you want to select a Master Password that you can easily recall. It is the only password you need to remember as SpeedyPassword takes care of all the others. Of course, you also want a password that is hard to crack so avoid dictionary words, common words associated with you (street you live on, dog’s name, favourite basketball team, etc.), and try to use numbers and symbols in it.

Memorize It: Taking some time to commit your Master Password to memory now can save a great deal of frustration later.

Rhyme It: If you are able to work your password into an easy-to-remember rhyme, it will be a snap to recall when needed.

Type It: After running an antivirus scan to ensure your computer is not infected with keylogging software, practice typing your Master Password. The more you do it, the more like second nature typing that password will be.

Use a Hint: When you set up your SpeedyPassword account, you can type in a hint. This is a good way to jog your memory in the event that you forget your password. For example, if your password is “100+K!ttens”, your hint could be “Number of pets I want!”

Upload a Recovery Image: In the event that you cannot remember your Master Password, you can recover your SpeedyPassword account and passwords using a Recovery Image. When you set up your SpeedyPassword account ensure that you upload a Recovery Image – or add it later. In order to recover your account, the exact Recovery Image needs to be uploaded. You should keep this image in a safe place. We recommend you back up your Recovery Image using online backup, a flash drive, or some other method.

Your Master Password is the key to using SpeedyPassword. This free password manager takes the hassle out of dealing with account logins and increase the security of your passwords. However, in order to use SpeedyPassword, you have to know your Master Password. Try out some of the steps above to help remember your Master Password.


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