Do You Have Too Many Logins?

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We go online to do almost everything these days. Each time we do something it seems like we are signing in and using a different user name and password. According to the 2012 Online Registration and Password study conducted by Harris Interactive, 58 per cent of adults online have five or more passwords that they have to remember – and 30 per cent have to recall more than 10!

It can be very frustrating to have to remember all of these. In fact, many people don’t! According to the same study, almost two in five people ask for help with their user name or password for at least one website per month.

SpeedyPassword removes the frustration! This free password manager remembers all of your passwords and logins. To get to all of your accounts all you need to do is click and remember one Master Password. It couldn’t be easier.

SpeedyPassword Auto Logs You In

download_banner_verticalAn Ofcom study shows that 50 per cent of UK adult computer users with a profile of some sort, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or something else, visit more than once a day. Almost one in 10 users visit more than 10 times a day. Seventeen per cent of users aged 16 to 24 check their social networking profiles for updates more than 10 times every day.

That is a lot of typing in the same thing over and over! SpeedyPassword makes it easy by auto logging you in. This free password manager remembers all of your logins and passwords. It makes getting into your account a snap!

Lots to Remember

According to the Harris Interactive study, 38 per cent of adults sometimes think it would be easier to solve world peace than attempt to remember all of their passwords. Because it is so challenging to recall all of these passwords, many users resort to using one or just a few.

The Ofcom study showed that 55 per cent of surveyed adult computer users in the UK used the same password for most, if not all, of their online accounts. This means that if someone gained access to their main password, they could drain their bank account, commit identity theft, impersonate someone and be a bully online, and other very bad things.

SpeedyPassword can help by remembering all of your passwords. In addition, its password generator can come up with strong passwords for each of your accounts. As SpeedyPassword remembers them for you, you can easily switch up the passwords on an ongoing basis to tighten up your account security even more.

Picking Passwords

Some people do try to create unique passwords, but they don’t always pick the most secure ones. The Ofcom study said that 26 per cent of UK users often used easy-to-remember passwords such as names and birthdays.

If someone has a little bit of knowledge about you – even gleaned from your Facebook posts because you are a friend of a friend – they might be able to guess your password, if you are using something familiar. Their first action might be to guess your wife’s name, your pet dog Rover, or your address.

Other users might not use something common to them, but a password that could also easily be guessed. Worst password lists are generated often. The usual suspects of easy-to-remember and simple-to-crack passwords often appear: password, p@assword, qwerty, 123456, 123123, letmein …

With SpeedyPassword’s Password Generator, it is easy to come up with unique yet secure passwords for every account. Using your directions, SpeedyPassword uses a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create secure passwords to meet your needs. Even better is that SpeedyPassword remembers your passwords and logins.

SpeedyPassword takes care of your multiple login problem

It is great to have many places that you like to go online. The challenge is trying to remember all of your logins and passwords. SpeedyPassword, a free password manager, helps you by remembering the credentials and passwords for all of your online accounts. It also has a password generator to generate secure passwords. SpeedyPassword makes managing online logins and passwords a breeze.


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