Why You Should Turn Off Windows 10 Password Reveal

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Turn off Windows 10 Password Reveal

One of the featured security settings in Windows 10 is the password reveal button. It appears in the password field of any Windows 10 app, login screen or website login.

Password reveal button

When you click on it, it will momentarily reveal your password.  The advantage of this is being able to check and make sure you have entered the right password. However, this means that anyone else can also see your password by clicking on it!

We think this is a security risk that could easily be avoided. Letting your browser pre-populate your passwords, and then having them available at the click of a button makes it pretty easy for someone with physical access to your computer to get into your accounts.

If you need to remember your passwords easier, try having just one master password with a password manager. And, secondly, we would advise disabling the Windows 10 password reveal feature.

How to disable Windows 10 password reveal

We’ve discovered two different ways to disable password reveal: the easy way, and the harder way.

Here’s the easy way:

A free tool called Win10 Wizard is now available to help you control all of your Windows 10 settings: security, privacy, location tracking and more. (If you haven’t updated to Windows 10 yet, it also tests your system for compatibility and guides you through the upgrade.)

  1. Download the tool here: Win10 Wizard
  2. In Win10 Wizard, navigate to the Security
  3. Toggle “Password Reveal Button” setting to the OFF position.

You’re done!

Win10 Wizard Windows 10 Security Settings Manager Screenshot

Here’s the harder way:

  1. Open Run Prompt (Win+R)
  2. Type gpedit.msc
  3. This will open your Local Group Policy Editor
  4. Click on Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, then expand Windows Components, then Credential User Interface.
  5. Open “Do not display the password reveal button” and click on Enabled.
  6. Click Apply and OK.

Manage all of your Windows 10 security settings

Win10 Wizard provides easy on/off toggles for a lot of security and privacy settings that affect how your user data is shared with Windows 10, as well as how others can access this data on your computer and over your network. To make sure your Windows 10 is securing your data properly, be sure to review this Windows 10 security settings guide when you set up your new system.

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