Three Reasons People Choose a Weak Password

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By now, most of us know not to use a weak password, yet we still tend to fall back on our birthdays or kids’ and pets’ names. Why do people choose a weak password when they know better? Below are three reasons people gravitate toward easy-to-remember, but weak, passwords:

Convenience and Speed

We live in a fast-paced world, and let’s face it, creating a strong password takes both time and thought. It’s much easier to use a weak password, such as Fluffy1972, than it is to come up with a string of random characters that make enough sense that we’ll be able to recall them in the future.

weak passwordsPlus, while some people may be able to figure out your cat’s name, they might not think to combine it with the year of your birth. Not only that, the people who know both your cat’s name and your birth year are your family and friends, and they’d never hack your accounts. True, but hackers are smart, and they have access to dictionary software that can quickly crack weak passwords regardless of whether or not they know your pet’s name.


Another reason people use a weak password has to do with a sense of insignificance. For example, if all you’re posting on Facebook are pictures of restaurant meals you’ve enjoyed, why would anyone want to hack into your account? Even if they did get in, you don’t have anything of value that they could possibly take. It’s a social network, not an online bank account, so who cares, right?

Wrong! Seemingly meaningless apps and online accounts can provide hackers with a means of learning more about you, potentially enabling them to get into your more significant accounts. They could also pose as you, tricking your family and friends into divulging information — or outright scamming them. Not only that, since most people use the same passwords across multiple accounts, if a hacker can figure out username and weak password on a site with low security standards, you can bet that hacker will try your credentials elsewhere.


A study last year by Cyber Streetwise found that 35 percent of respondents struggle to remember strong passwords. Imagine a strong password like “AM4oQPg/z8” — would you remember it? Now imagine juggling a dozen or more equally strong passwords for your various accounts. That’s one of the main reasons why people choose a weak password and use it, or variations of it, over and over. Strong passwords are simply too hard to remember.

Fortunately, you can avoid using a weak password by instead using a password generator. SpeedyPassword’s Password Generator automatically creates strong passwords, making account security easy to achieve.


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