Why is Password Security So Important?

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Now, if one day I was trying to log into my account and was suddenly unable to, I would be momentarily concerned. At the height of my concern, I would click on the ‘Recover my Password’ button and think nothing more of it while waiting for my recovery link to be sent to me. For the purpose of this article, let us say that the security of my account was compromised. Let us also say that this particular account was incredibly important. At this point, it is much too late to think about the security of my account. What I should have thought about? What steps could have taken to prevent this?

First and foremost: Do not use the same password for all your accounts

You may think that using the same password will save you time in the long run. Perhaps you do not want to keep a book where you record all your passwords and respected accounts. You know what, that is fine if you are willing to risk your account being compromised. Albeit, the risk may be minimal, you should take a moment to think about it. If someone guesses your password to one account, what are the chances that they will not try that password for your other accounts?

Consider your password

Do you know how some websites ask that you have a minimum number of characters in your password? Do you recall seeing a website ask you to include a capital letter and a number in your password? You may think that these websites are just out to hassle you but in reality, these steps are taken to strengthen your password security.

Length and format

It helps that you have a long password but it is even better if it contains an upper case letter and number(s). This helps make your password stand a better chance against programs that are designed to guess your password.
Changing your password:

I have an email account that asks me if I would like to reset my password every 72 days. Personally, this is a great idea as this email account is very important to me as it is my primary account. Now I am not aware if other email providers have a similar feature but it is very easy to go in and change your password. If you are really concerned with your security, I would suggest changing your password once a year.

Maria Bances

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