SpeedyPassword Single Password

A Single Master Password

Never get locked out on an account again.

Save time by creating a single encrypted Master Password during setup. SpeedyPassword will remember all of your passwords for you – you only need to remember your unique Master Password!

We don’t store your Master Password on our server or website, so only you have the key to your account.

SpeedyPassword AutoLogin

Log in Quickly and Securely

Who has the time to type complicated passwords, especially on a tiny smartphone screen?

With the one-click login feature, you’ll no longer get held up during login, or struggle to remember your passwords.

You can even securely log in you your accounts from public computers without installing SpeedyPassword by going to http://accounts.speedypassword.com/.  SpeedyPassword makes login in a breeze!

Manage Passwords Across Devicesspeedypassword-devices

Now you can use SpeedyPassword on your Android tablet and smartphone, as well as your desktop and laptop!

Easily set up, edit and sign in to accounts from any of your devices with the SpeedyPassword app.

Saving passwords on your devices leaves all of your accounts vulnerable. Using a password manager on your smartphone and tablet keeps your accounts safe in case of mobile device theft or loss.

SpeedyPassword Account RecoveryVisual Account Recovery

Our password recovery method is exclusive to SpeedyPassword, and we think it’s pretty neat.

If you forget your Master Password, you can recover it using a Recovery Image that you set for your account. By uploading the same Recovery Image, can verify and retrieve your passwords.

Lock Your Passwords

Outwit hackers and keyloggers that try to steal your passwords!

Log in automatically to avoid entering key strokes that can be tracked. Trust that your information is encrypted with military-grade AES-256 algorithms. Your Master Password is the only key to decrypt your information!

Speedy Setup

Download and finish the setup wizard in less time than it takes to log in to your email account. Don’t forget to install the Android app too!

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Security Tips

You want better password habits, but who has the time?

The SpeedyPassword Blog gives you tips to help identify and resolve password security issues.  Become a password master with SpeedyPassword!

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SpeedyPassword Password Generator

Generate Unique Passwords

Coming up with strong and unique passwords for Facebook, Twitter, banking, and other online accounts can be a pain.

SpeedyPassword generates secure passwords using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers to protect you accounts and confidential information.

Frequent Updates

We are always improving SpeedyPassword and adding features. The SpeedyPassword Team is committed to providing improvements, bug fixes, and security updates for our users, as well as fun new features, like the Username Generator and Password Strength Test.