How to Score Safe Black Friday Deals on your Smartphone

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Black Friday Deals - Safe Smartphone Shopping with SpeedyPassword

Has Black Friday become bigger than Thanksgiving itself? That is (somewhat) still debatable. What isn’t a debate is how shoppers are planning to score their big holiday deals… but it might be surprising. Mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – are predicted to be the preferred way to score holiday shopping deals this year. And mobile shopping is big business:

  • Mobile traffic is expected to account for 51% of Thanksgiving day online shopping visits – and 29% of all sales, according to a report by Adobe.
  • Mobile shopping in the U.S. is predicted to generate $93 billion in sales this year, up from $57 billion in 2014, according to a study from RetailMeNot.

With all the media attention on mobile shopping’s big impact this year, it’s safe to assume that attention from cybercriminals will be heightened too. In fact, in a 2014 BNN article, cybersecurity firm Symantec confirmed that cyber attacks and security breaches do “rise exponentially” over the holiday season.

So what’s a savvy shopper to do? Take precautions to protect your privacy online so you can still take advantage of those online Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, of course!

Here are SpeedyPassword’s top tips for safe smartphone shopping when you’re looking for Black Friday deals this year:

Black Friday Deals & Smartphone Safety

  • Make sure your device’s operating system and all your mobile apps are up-to-date. Updates are often issued with security patches to protect against the latest cybersecurity risks. (Check out more Android security tips here!)
  • Shop on safe, password-protected Wi-Fi networks that you can trust, or if you are in public, use your data instead of an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection in a mall or coffee shop. Remember: if the Wi-Fi is free for you, it’s also free for hackers.
  • If you’re shopping through your mobile web browser, look for encrypted protection on checkout pages – which should be obvious by the “https” at the front of the URL, and a small lock symbol in the address bar.
  • Use a mobile password manager to add an extra layer of protection to important apps like mobile banking and shopping portals. It can be hard to remember truly secure passwords (which should be long and unique to each account), so rely on remembering one strong master password to keep your accounts safe.
  • Check your bank statements regularly over the holidays to make sure any unauthorized charges aren’t made to your credit cards or accounts without your knowledge. Make sure your payment methods have fraud protection too, just in case!

Mobile shopping is not just a trend – it is changing the way we interact with retailers and (thankfully) the huge crowds of shoppers rushing out to get the best Black Friday deals. By going mobile, you can skip the lines without sacrificing the sales. Just be sure to shop safely, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything else. Happy hunting!

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