Security Alert: Was Spotify Hacked?

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Spotify Hack

Before you start reading this, you may want to go ahead and change your Spotify password. After the recent Spotify hack… Well, the music streaming giant has denied a recent hack, yet hundreds of user credentials have been posted online. Emails, usernames, and passwords (among other pieces of information) have been spotted on Pastebin – a website used for both storing and sharing text which is commonly stolen information.

What’s the real story behind the Spotify hack?

Spotify HackThe alleged Spotify hack remains unclear after the company stated that it “has not been hacked,” and in fact, “user records are secure.” Even so, it’s not certain when the information was stolen because such hacks have happened in the past. Further, the hacked information is specific to Spotify, detailing passwords, the type of account held and the country of its creation – raising more questions than answers.

This potential Spotify hack raises security concerns that target account sharing. Sharing streaming service passwords – like Netflix and Spotify – can risk your account security in a number of ways. Is it safe to share your online passwords? Who should you share your Netflix password or Spotify password with? These are the real questions at hand.

Few users have spoken out after noticing unusual activity on their account like different ‘recently played’ songs or a changed email address prohibiting them from logging in. This may confirm a few hacks, but the company is not owning up to the hack. The best thing to do if you notice anything abnormal – Spotify account or not – is to change your password.

Add a layer of security to your accounts

One solution is to use a password manager – like the always-free SpeedyPassword – to secure your account information. Passwords are encrypted and stored with a seamless browser or Android app integration, and you have full control over your passwords. When you do need to change an account password, you can easily update your site password from SpeedyPassword:

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Unfortunately, online hacks do happen. Our recommendation? Start with a strong password to begin with.

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