How It Works

SpeedyPassword Makes Your Life Easier…

  • Log in to your accounts for the last time and auto-log in from now on.
  • Access online accounts from any device with a single Master Password.
  • Get password security tips when and where you need them.

It Makes Your Life More Secure…

  • Your passwords are not stored, they are concealed and encoded.
  • Generate the most secure and unique passwords to protect your information.
  • Keyloggers can’t steal your passwords – no key strokes necessary!

How Does SpeedyPassword Protect My Password?

SpeedyPassword protects your accounts by encrypting, and storing your passwords with seamless browser integration.

Your Master Password is used to encrypt all of your account information, usernames and passwords. We don’t ever have access to your Master Password – it’s the only key to your SpeedyPassword account.

We employ military-grade encryption and secure SSL connections to transmit you information and ensure that your data is fully protected.

Additionally, SpeedyPassword will notify you if it recognizes that your password is weak and easy to hack, and recommend that you use a stronger one to protect all of your online accounts.

For more on our AES military-grade encryption and other high security standards, please check out our Security Whitepaper.